Welcome to Smart Innovation!

We believe in simplicity! Our mission is to solve daily living issues by applying technology.

Our services

From simple solutions up to complex systems SINNO provides a range of different high quality services with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Technology advisory

Not sure about the best way to solve a problem or how to make your idea become true? As your technology partner we will make sure you meet your objectives on time, with high quality and in a cost effective manner.

Electronics development

From a piece of paper to a fully functional PCB, we bring our experience in electrical/electronic product architecture definition, worst case analysis and calculations, electrical simulations, electronic parts selection, schematics development and PCB layout.

Software development

We specialize in software development for embedded systems: software architecture definition, operating system configuration and bring up, application development and software module test are some of our key services.

Product and prototype builds

By using strategic partners we support our customers to bring their ideas to reality by offering: PCB population either manually or using automated systems, proof of concept build-ups, 3D printing of mechanical parts, full product assembly and testing among others.

Verification and Validation

Our team will make sure your product/system will meet the defined requirements. Some of our services are: testplan definition, verification and validation application (module or system level), test equipment development and build (either automated or manual), among others.

Software development

Our team has created set of trainings to cover the most critical topics for technology development. Do you need to get your team trained? Let us know and we will propose a plan based on your needs!